General information

Welcome to Kuopio!
Kuopio is easily accessible with frequent direct flight connections from Helsinki or with a nice train trip from Helsinki and Oulu.

The meetings and working groups on 6-7 May will be held in the hotel Puijonsarvi. The meeting and exhibition on 8-10 May will be held in Kuopio Music Centre, in the heart of Kuopio.

Congess Registration desk is located  at the hotel on6-7 May and in the Music Centre on 8-10 May.

Registration desk is open
Friday 6 May                                  10-15
Saturday 7 May                            8-16
Sunday-Monday 8-9 May      8-17
Tuesday 10 May                            8:30-12:30

Meeting program
you will find on this web page ‘Program’.

Social Programs
(pre-registration is required to all social programs)

The official language of the congress is English.

Meeting badge
The meeting badge must be visible at all times during the meeting and at all meeting events.

Event tickets
Entry to social programs is by pre-registration only and for every event you will need to show a valid event ticket.

Certificate of attendance/poster presentation
Certificates of attendance and poster presentation will be provided in the registration materials.

Filming, audio recording and photography
The private nature of the meeting allows presentation of the most recent, often unpublished results thus, the discussions should inspire new research directions and ideas. In order to maintain confidentiality of the data and topics, filming, audio recording or photographing is strictly prohibited at the posters or during the talks.

Wireless Internet
Free Wi-Fi is available both at the hotel Puijonsarvi and in the Music Centre.

Tap water
Tap water quality is high in Finland and it is drinkable.

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